Shipping Info I Wish I Had Known

This is a quote from Bill Crofutt of Grizzly, taken from The Oak Factory Bulletin Board, regarding shipping damage to Grizzly products:

We are aware of the freight damage. That is 90% of the reason for the "Tent Sales" we have. But the actual percentage of damage is very low, something like 1% or less. No amount of packing can prevent damage in all conditions, so packaging is designed to handle "normal" shipping and handling. And most folks tell us the boxes get there with hardly a mark on it. On the other hand, we've seen some that without doubt were rolling around in the back of some crazy driver h$** bent on keeping his schedule. There are some real basic guide lines when dealing with freight companies.
  1. If the carton shows ANY signs of damage even just torn cardboard, don't sign the paperwork until it has been clearly marked "damaged box".
  2. If the box looks really beat up, don't accept it. Simply "refuse" the shipment due to the condition of it upon arrival. You won't pay a penny more for the replacement, but you would have to wait about a week to get the replacement.
  3. Never have your wife, husband, significant other, or a friend sign for the shipment unless they clearly understand the above.

Wish I had known about this prior to receiving my Grizzly 1023S. It arrived beat up and indeed it had been rolling around the back of the Consolidated Freight truck. I should have refused the shipment but at the spur of the moment, I was unclear on Grizzly's policy and was afraid I was going to eat the shipping or worse. I had a real bad experience with the arrival of a beat-up Lobo Shaper. When I refused shipment of that machine, the truck driver threatend to dump the machine in the middle of the street. The driver really left me no choice but to accept it, even after 1/2 hour of rather heated exchange.

Grizzly Customer Support

I have received absolutely excellent customer support from Grizzly. They have sent me manuals at no charge (free shipping as well), they have responded within an hour to each email I sent in regards to the shipping and operational problems I have experienced with their products, and they even follow up to make sure the issue is resolved.

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