Pictures of our Landscaping

For quite awhile our flow to the city sewer was slow. Virtually everyone in our neighborhood, sooner or later, replaces the sewer connection between the house and the street. It ain't cheap, but what is worse, is the mountain of dirt and destruction the plumbers leave behind.

Kurt and Eber took care of removing the remaining stumps and bushes we had in front. The plumbers had moved all of the landscaping rock to the far left of the house.

I was the primary mover of the mountain of dirt from the front to the side of the shop. I have needed to backfill the shop foundation so this was actually a good thing. I estimate that Eber and I moved forty plus wheelbarrel loads to the rear.

Once the front had pretty much settled, I had a dump truck load of top soil dumped on our driveways (front and back) and began landscaping the front. It was hot and dirty work, but it turned out pretty well for minimal expense. We wanted to use the popular retaining wall bricks, but just simply could not justify the cost with all the other expenditures. Thus, we reused the rock we had. We purchased about 20 sacks of landscaping bark, 10 plants, and called it a job.

I replanted approximately 1/2 the lawn. The new grass is growing well, but for some reason we have a few bare spots that are not filling in.

Now we are trying to figure out what we are going to do with the stinking clean-out! It was an extra purchase, but I figured well worth it in case we have a backup in the future.

Picture 1